Flat Pixel is a Paris based game studio composed of artists and engineers dedicated to unique visual experiences and cutting edge technology. Specialized in augmented reality games since 2012.


Back history

Flat Pixel rose from the ashes of the game studio Int13, a pioneer in early Augmented Reality gaming. Int13 pushed the boundaries of the available technology to create games such as AR Defender, Kweekies and AR Defender 2, along with popular non-AR titles like Shogun: Rise of the Renegade and Django.

Early creation

After the Int13 closed its doors, several key members of the team decided to create Flat Pixel. Now with a leaner team and exciting breakthroughs in AR technology, we continued our quest to challenge the blurry edges of reality! With a few side projects along the way ;)

Jump into second wave of AR

In 2017 we teamed up with Nickelodeon to create the Do Not Touch app, in which you repeatedly press a button to trigger a huge variety of silly gags and mini-games. The project won us two Clio awards in a row and, more importantly, gave us the opportunity to experiment with a wide array of gameplay. Over 60 mini-games later, we’ve leveled up in our understanding of what works (and doesn’t work) in Augmented Reality.

Back to the game

Finish our intern games projects.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "2020 Kidscreen Award - Best Game App—Branded" - Do Not Touch, 2020 (
  • "CLIO Entertainment - Virtual/Augmented Reality" - Do Not Touch, 2019 (
  • "CLIO Entertainment - Virtual/Augmented Reality" - Do Not Touch, 2018 (
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