AstroBlasters is the fruit of a collaboration with Honey Poney Games, in which we tried to extract the pleasure of micro-managing units in RTS games, with the more immediate and explosive fun of a Shmup. Travel from planet to planet to wipe out the alien threat and grow your squad of space Marines! Every type of marine has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, from the well-rounded Gunner, to the feisty Flamer! Customize your squad to create the ultimate alien blasting team of intergalactic mercenaries!


The kickoff

The story of AstroBlasters began with a prototype created by David C of Honey Poney Games, a top-down 2D concept reminiscent of old Starcraft mods, but streamlined into a frantic shooter. He showed it off to Flat Pixel one night over some beers, and we couldn’t stop playing! Something about the game just felt right, and we decided to collaborate with Honey Poney to expand the game to discover its full potential.


We worked on the game feverishly between projects, and few months later we were showing off AstroBlasters! at Games First London jointly hosted by Supercell and Space Ape. The reaction was very positive, testers had a hard time putting it down!

But of course, the game still wasn’t finished! A long few months of client work kept us from diving back into AstroBlasters, and it stayed on the back burner throughout the summer and autumn.. until now! We’re happy to share that AstroBlasters is back in production! And we’re doing everything we can for an early 2020 release! So hold on to your butts amigos!


  • Juicy shooter
  • Dynamic micro-management RTS combat style
  • One touch controls
  • Colorful 3D art by Marcin JP.
  • Punchy SFX by Gabriel D.


AstroBlasters Trailer - Games First London 2019YouTube


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